Hi there darling,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you, tell you a little about who I am and what I do. I am Miss Cook, and the &Co is my global community of amazing women that I am building around me to change the world for the better.

Essentially I work to help you achieve the ultimate in transformational lifestyle by design.  You could call me a coach, a mentor, a guide, an inspirational speaker, but personally I prefer the term “lifestylist”.

I mentor and guide powerful women (and sometimes men) like you to find your unique greatness and power, your softness and your true feminine self. I want you to know pleasure, bliss and joy like you have never known before.

I want your life to be so magnificent, so fulfilling and so filled with all the things that are important to you, that you can seldom believe it’s yours.

Just like the life I have created for myself.

I am here to guide you into changing your life in the most extraordinary and exceptional ways that honour your authentic self, bring to the surface all your deepest desires for your life, and embrace all that gives you unadulterated joy.


Because I was you.

Before I was living my most incredible and purpose filled life, i.e. right now, I was a miserable and burned corporate lawyer for a Fortune 500 company.   Okay okay…I wasn’t just any old lawyer, I was an unhinged unapologetically aggressive alpha female lawyer with a big swinging dick in male dominated, pretty brutal, industry.

Yup, I worked in house legal for a tobacco company. I think only in house counsel for a nuclear weapons company or ISIS can top that in terms of working for the dark side.

I mean really…what woman doesn’t say at the beginning of her life in law school….”I want to be Nick Naylor from Thank You For Smoking”? The correct answer, by the way is nobody, the wrong answer is….me..

Which I think gives you a little insight into how little I really cared for myself on the inside during those years.

But at the time I was flying around the world first class, doing deals and kicking ass, I didn’t care. I was at the top of my game.  Successful career, edgy industry, challenging work...you know the drill.  I had the ultimate high flying Instagram worthy lifestyle and I wanted everyone to know it. Look at my amazing life, sigh.

What I didn’t want you to know was what was going on behind closed doors.

The endless shame and guilt hamster wheel. I hated my job, I hated my body, I hated my oversensitive heart, I hated that I couldn’t hold down a relationship, I hated that men were intimidated by my career, I hated that I was a financial train wreck. I was deeply ashamed of who I was on the inside, and was always expecting that any day now this house of cards would come crumbling down and I would finally be the nothing that I thought I was. Brutal? Yes. Honest? Absolutely.

Of course, in the wonderful cliche that can be corporate and creative life lived in the spaces of shame and blame, comes numbing and self-destruction. If you could numb shame or self-destruct with it, I’ve done it. Overwork in my career, drugs (cocaine was my favourite), booze, binge eating, excessive spending, toxic relationships, avoidance of anything approximating love, abusing my body with meaningless sex and casual hookups…the list goes on and on…

I was driven primarily by shame and status, and was caught fast in a vicious cycle of trying to balance the two, needing the status to cover the shame. Ouch.

Meanwhile I was zealously busy maintaining a flawless exterior of professional and personal perfection.  It was crippling emotionally, energetically and at a soul level, and certainly not anything approximating what I now know to be a joyful, pleasure filled, happy life.

Really, I had lost all sense of self, of what it meant to be a woman, feminine, gentle or loving. To myself or anyone else. I had become something I did just “not like”, I had become something I absolutely loathed. The more success I experienced, the worse it got.

Not surprisingly, burnout came knocking on my door a couple of times, quietly at first, then slightly less subtly in years to come, before it really ripped the rug out from under me in 2015, and I wound up in intensive care, on a ventilator with severe pneumonia in both lungs.  It truly was touch and go.

Let me tell you speeding train of oncoming death is like no other to make you really reevaluate what you want from life.

So, as I lay there on a gurney in ER, expecting to die, alone, hot tears rolling down my cheeks, I begged and I pleaded inside my mind with anyone who would listen. Anyone. I hasn’t prayed before now, but at this point, there was absolutely nothing else left but to beg for a second chance.

I promised whoever was out there this: “if you let me live, I will change. Change myself, change my life, change the world. I will change everything”.

There is no lost irony that the personal divine intervention I received literally had to rip the breath from my (tobacco lawyer) lungs to make me truly see bereft my life was of all the things that really mattered.

Clearly, I lived. And obviously, I made good on that promise. You don’t get second chances like that and give what I now lovingly refer to as “upstairs management” the middle finger.

So, upon exiting the hospital and recovering very slowly over almost 6 months, I made good on my promise to myself in the ER that day, I quit my career, sold everything I owned, and took off to go and find the pieces of my soul that I have abandoned along the way.

I spent almost 3 years traveling the world, weaving in and out of the spiritual and the downright glamorous, facing down demons I never knew existed, to ultimately find my way back to me. So many incredible adventures, exceptional teachers and mentors, experiences that literally blew my mind and heart open, all so I could find my true feminine essence, and lead from it.

I couldn’t be further from that woman I was 3 years ago, and I know back then, I could never have believed the pleasure, bloss, joy and absolute freedom that I am living every day now.

What I learned during those 3 years, the woman I am now as a result of investing time in me, learning to love myself whole again, is something not even I could have imagined, and something I now see is my purpose to share with women like me. To guide you back to the woman who you really are, the woman inside you that is calling you…home.

To learn about all that, you're going to have to come on inside my world, let me show what I have collected and curated for you along the way, and see if we can't find a little of the same magic just for you, let’s uncover everything you can be and more.

Take my hand and together let's find what lights you up, what makes you all WOMAN.

I can't wait.  This IS my life’s purpose. I have come here to serve you beautiful woman. To create a community of powerful women that are going to reclaim the world, in full alignment with who they truly are, knowing what it means to be a woman in HER power.

All my love for everything that's to come for us.  

Miss Cook