Let's hear it for the boys: ways you can make a massive difference to your man mates

Boy bestfriend.jpg

This one is for all my incredible man mates: you guys are the bedrock of my belief in men, magic and love.  You on the daily show me how awesome it is to be loved by men for who you are  and I cannot begin to thank you enough. You know who you are and just how much I love you.  This is just a little token of my appreciation, and a way for us ladies to give a little bit back to you excpetional humans.   LOVE YOU BRO(S). 

Listen up folks, this quick little audio clip explores the increidble magic we can experience in our relationships, or indeed our lives in general, if we just learn to use some of the amazing resources at our fingers tips: our friends of the opposite sex.  Yup, the answer to many intimacy problems, is in fact right under you nose, and is probably only thecost of a beer or pizza away.  

Want in?  Tune in and tell me what you think. 

Ladies, all you gorgeous women who want to  make the world a better place, this one's for you.    I have recorded a little podcast (not a blog piece) about how we as women can help out platonic male pals have the best reltionship, sex and loves of their lives.   

Your role is two fold:  support your male mates in a whole new way AND if you are in couple, do yourself a favour and let your men roll with their platonic female homies once in a while.  We are your best allies, not your natural enemies.   Let's let some love in when it comes to your platonic gender opposites. 

Let's be a bit more progressive about how we approach love.  

I just wanna be your homie.jpg

Gentlemen, listen your lady pals on this one, because what I am teaching them here, I am asking them to do something amazing for you, but you also gotta do your bit.  You just have to trust those loyal bird mates of yours, and let them show the way to the best relationships, sex and love of your lives.    Be a little raw, vulnerable and the payoff will be enormous.  

You see folks, this one's for the singles, the couples, and the everything in betweens, we can all learn from this little chit chat, so have at it and listen up. 

Essentially, I think men are getting a bit of a beat up right now.  For some men, this is absolutely warranted, those slippery slimy misogynist grabby flabby types, and ladies, beat away.  I am all for calling out the bullshit,   

BUT in the midst of all this amazing feminine empowerment, have we accidentally neutered the men we actually love and adore, the ones that we know to be the good guys?   I fear we may have.  You see, for your average man bear, they are getting lost in the mire right now, and I suspect many are having a little trouble finding their feet in this angsty world we inhabit right now.   I am feminist, fuck yes, but that doesn't mean I can't see what's happening from a male perspective and intstead of shouting over you, try and offer a solution.  Wanting to add to the dialogue in a positive way does nothing to diminish my feminine power, in fact i think it actually honours it.  

So yeah. That's what this is all about. 

Boys, I see you, and I think I may have a small solution that could go a long way to making a differnce to us all. 

So, listen in and let me share some opinion and ideas with you. 

All my love, 

Miss Cook xoxo