NEW: Where the Wild Women Are: The Series For Powerful Busy Women

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Wild Women is a new “no bullshit” section created for all those powerful, incredible yet time-poor and bullshit avoidant women looking for real tips, tricks and hints from the way of the #woowoo that don’t take hours upon hours of workshops, or years of prolonged practice (initially).

Things that you can really sink your teeth into without all the energy upfront (I take instalment plans for that).

Powerful busy women: it is hellishly hard being us some days. It’s stressful, it’s exhausting and it’s exhilarating. All at once. Twice on Sundays.

I know better than anyone.

How could a lifestyle blogger/part time boho bitch possibly know what it’s like to be a fucking successful career woman at the top of her game you ask? Decent question ladies, one a smart and savvy woman SHOULD be asking of anyone purporting to tell them they have the answers to their woes, and someone on whom you may come to rely for support on the soul side of life. Ask away. I want you to know me as much as I want to know you.

So, yes, I am a fucking powerhouse too. I know you because I am you. Then, and now.

Mark my words, I am not here to play around, your time is far too fucking valuable for that.

My pedigree on the busy-woman-front is pretty damned purebred. I am a former corporate tobacco lawyer, former burnout candidate (sorry, I meant successful burnout candidate), full-time self-flagellation expert AND former self-destructing ticking timebomb.

Back then, in the bad old days, I remember I wanting some spiritual reprieve so bad I could taste it, but I barely had time to stem the constant bleeding of my haemorrhaging feminine heart, let alone stick my head above the parapet to get some self serving soul nourishment. I definitely didn’t have the time to go and fart arse around with woofy woowoo to maybe get some sort of answers from those fucking fluffy hippies.

Sound familiar?

Thought so.

So, yeah, I get it and I get you. I see you for all the fucked up magnificence that you are.

I know what works, and what really fucking doesn’t, when you are really fucking busy and running on pure adrenaline and so much masculine front that some days you’d swear you had a penis (more on that soon). You are all “up to pussy’s bow” occupied being your fabulous selves, running empires, cultivating careers, learning how the hell to be you, living life as best you can under extreme duress, loving like a warrior, and kicking ass and taking names. Spirituality? What? “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

Well you do now. For you have a secret woowoo weapon. You have ME.

I am taking the hard out of hippy. I am doing the heavy lifting for you. Because you fucking deserve it. You deserve all the spiritual support you can goddamn well get without all the initial effort. And I am going to give it to you because…well…that’s what I was put on the planet to do. Help those powerhouse women fucking rise into even greater greatness.

Think Australia Oprah with more “fucks” per sentence.

I am going to strip out the fluff, faff and woo woo bullshit and give it to you in bite-sized bits that you can actually chew, and for those super tough days ladies, maybe I will even…dare it say it…pre-chew it for you. Never again will you find yourself in a suck or swallow spiritual situation. You are in the driver’s seat now of a car that is both a little boho, and a little Bentley.

Essentially, there are three things you should know about Where the Wild Women Are before you forway into the unknown:

1.     Firstly, it unapologetic, and will be raw, real and radical. I say “fuck” more than most people say “and”, I talk about things that initially might make your thighs clench. Deal with it. This is not for everyone, and it’s not meant to be. It’s for really powerful women who are ready to start showing up for themselves, unapologetically. It’s likely a whole lot more WILD than the spoon fed spiritual shit you’re used to. That’s okay, you’ll either love it or hate it. You decide what’s right for you and what you’re ready for.

2.     Secondly, this is your smorgasbord of much of the spiritual shit I have been, and will be, sticking my beak into for years now. These are things that worked for me, that caught my attention, or that really fascinated me but I didn’t follow that path for whatever reason. It’s a degustation of all the things that have resonated for me and which I have curated for you. Take what you want, and leave what you don’t. This is a place where you do YOU, alllll YOU, exactly as you want it, exactly as you like it. All for you.

3.     THIS IS A NO FUCKING JUDGMENT SPACE. This does not need explaining; you start judging, you can take your judgy little fluffball tail and shift it…elsewhere. It doesn’t mean you won’t have judgment about things that are said or spoken of here, you will, and that’s welcome. What is DOES mean though, is that you don’t get to spray it on anyone in this community or myself or the contributors. Don’t like that rule? Don’t be here. Simple. I have no compunction about telling someone to fuck off if they are not respecting this space. I will fiercely protect your right to learn in a safe supportive (sometimes confidential) space.

This sound exactly what you need and more? Fear not ferocious tigress, so much more of this is coming your way.

Welcome home Wild Women, to where the wild things are, to where you truly belong.


Miss (Tiger Mama) Cook