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Welcome home to Miss Cook & Co.  

This is a place where you can come and just be yourself: be free, be uplifted and be inspired.   A place to nurture your inner world, cultivate your passions and your purpose with meaning and intention, whilst allowing your outer world to flourish and grow.  A space to learn, absorb and be curious, to be part of a global community of empowered and like minded people who also want to make an impact on the world they live in.   A curated collection of thoughts, experiences, places, people and ideas crafted especially for you, to spark the fire in your soul and spur you to greater heights.  A place of love, understanding and togetherness. Come on in, we've been waiting for you.

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The Chase

Never stop chasing those dreams darling.  

"The Chase" is all about empowerment, inspiration and developing into your best self.  In here you will find articles, audio and videos that will cultivate incredible flow and energy for you to take you places you only thought possible in your wildest dreams.

We will dive into the promise and pain of the pursuit of all things personally pleasurable, the things that actually make you tick, make you happy dance and scream for joy.  The things you want most, the things that you are most afraid of actually getting. We'll explore how to dream big, fail bigger and get up again and again and chase harder, never stopping until those dreams are actually the life we live.  

Take my hand, come with me, and let's go and get that magnificent future of yours. Together. It's waiting for you, and so am I.



The Sweet Escape.

"Escape" is the place where you can come and leave your worries behind.  take a moment for yourself. Just relax, this is your time. Let me bring to you all places, faces, tastes and spaces to awaken and uplift you.  To inspire you to thrive and flourish. Let me bring you goodness from all around the world to nourish your mind, heart and soul.

I'll bring you everything you need, everything you could want, to wherever it is you want to be.  Food, travel, photography, writing, art: soulfood for your senses. A carefully curated a collection of the most inspiring things I can conjure up, to soothe your soul and stoke your creative fires.  This is a space for you to take 10 for yourself, a little break for that overworked brainbox on me.



Love comes in all shapes and sizes, there is no one size fits all here.

"Embrace" is an exploration of all the things about love and relationships in all it's wonderous sticky glory: from sex to intimacy to family to friendship. Love for yourself, love for others and love for the world in which you live.  No two loves look or feel the same. Love can be both beautifully basic and cripplingly complex, it's a kaleidoscope of pleasure and pain. So let's explore the labirynth of love together, create a little space for more love in your life and make sure that you self-love game is exactly where it should be.Write here…

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A happy life is all about creating room for all the things you need, want, desire and long for.  

"Headspace" is where we'll explore ways to carve out space for yourself in both your day-to-day, but also for the bigger picture.  Making your mental health a priority is so important for maximising opportunities in all aspects of your life: let's talk about that, all of that.  Let's get expansive, extend into undiscovered parts of ourselves, make some space for you to meditate, manifest, dream and get aligned with your highest self.  Learn how to give yourself the breathing room you deserve, I'll teach you ways to sit in beautiful stillness to mouish your body and soul and the make room for the creation for all the things that are important for you to be your best self, from the inside out.  Giving you the gift of precious little life hacks about self-care, productivity and mindfulness from the seasoned professionals. Direct from us to you with love.

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&Co Community

Community is life.  Community is love. Community is everything.  

This is where Miss Cook & Co stops being about me, and becomes all about you.  "&Co" is the space where we create our own little MCCO world, a world where you can connect with others like you, pareticipate in group chats and forums, where you can explore the world around you and most importantly you can be supported in making your dreams come to life. The Miss Cook & Co community is made up of extraordinary humans from all around the world, men, women, gay, straight, trans, different races and faces from all different places.  Come on in and check it out.