Miss Cook & Co

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Woke. Wild. Warm. Wise. Wondrous. Wealthy. Wet.



I am Miss Cook and I am a transformational lifestylist.

I guide powerful women who have lost their way, strayed from their deepest personal truth, back to the source of their feminine power.

With Miss Cook & Co, I am creating a global community of women where every woman in it is able to see herself for who she truly is, not who she thinks she should be, who she pretends to be or what the world tells her she should be.

I want you to live from a place of full and embodied feminine power (even if youโ€™re not entirely sure what that is).

To be a woman that can take your place in the world from a place of deep authenticity: claiming YOUR unique truth, YOUR particular power.

I have come to help you claim the woman you actually are.

Together, we are becoming a new kind of WOMAN to take our place to create a new kind of world.

In the world I am creating around me every woman is WOKE. Every woman is WONDROUS. Every woman is WARM. Every woman is WISE. Every woman is WILD. Every woman is WET. Every woman is WEALTHY.


Every woman deeply desires and deserves to become THIS woman.

The only question is, will you permit yourself be one of them?

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&Co Community

Community is life.  Community is love. Community is everything.  

This is where Miss Cook & Co stops being about me, and becomes all about you.  "&Co" is the space where we create our own little MCCO world, a world where you can connect with others like you, pareticipate in group chats and forums, where you can explore the world around you and most importantly you can be supported in making your dreams come to life. The Miss Cook & Co community is made up of extraordinary humans from all around the world, men, women, gay, straight, trans, different races and faces from all different places.  Come on in and check it out.